Prosena Natural Care

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HI, that's just me ...

I'm a 25-year-old mum, ex healthy nutrition student and lover of aesthetics and nature. I am also a fresh business woman, the proud founder and creative director of the brand Prosena.

How did it all start?

My first step on this path started with a personal experience.

I've been struggling with skin problems of one kind or another since I was a young girl. From extremely sensitive and reaction-prone skin, to pimples and redness (I also have a mild form of chronic inflammatory skin disease Rosacea), you name it... All these issues have been with me for years and in the past, they have often affected my self-image and made it difficult to find the right product for my skin.

In the middle of my university years, while writing one of my study projects, I researched millet in depth. I discovered that it could also be used in cosmetics, even though it was not available on the market at that time. After a few years of research and various circumstances, I finally discovered that millet flakes could be used to extract millet extract or oil by means of a special CO2 extraction process. This was a kind of breakthrough that led me to the idea of how I could use this precious ingredient.

At first sight, the oil was clean, had a pleasant smell and was surprisingly absorbent. Analysis showed that it also contained large amounts of vitamin E and a huge number of other positive properties that can improve skin condition.

And so the idea of Prosena cosmetics was born.

I created my own line of products containing this precious millet extract. When creating the products, I wanted them to be natural and gentle on the skin, to cause no reactions, and to be effective in improving the skin's condition.

Every product that is or ever will be part of the Prosena story also has a piece of my personal story and my desire for every woman to feel good and confident in her own skin.

Thank you for being part of my story.

Prosena - care from the heart of nature.